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The City of Melbourne have announced the finalists for the 2020 Melbourne Awards. These annual awards celebrate inspirational Melbournians and shine a light on Community Champions who have shown leadership, kindness and generosity during the during the COVID-19 crisis. We’re absolutely delighted to share that Jake Coleiro, MediStays Head of Partnerships, has been nominated as a finalist in the Melbourne Awards Digital Innovation category!

As a young Melbourne start-up and social enterprise, MediStays was founded to support patients and families travelling for medical care. MediStays Co-Founder Dr Sarah Everitt shared “When COVID-19 hit there was quickly a reduction in the numbers of country patients and families travelling for medical care. We received many calls from patients and families who needed to cancel upcoming appointments and surgeries. It was a very hard time for families, especially for those who had just endured the devastating bushfires”. COVID-19 and self-isolation had a big impact on healthcare and patients.  Many patients and families couldn’t stay in communal and patient lodges. Hospitals and rehabilitation units were rapidly working to safely discharge patients to free up beds. Frontline staff needed self-isolating accommodation”.

“…. the demand for MediStays completely shifted and we were inundated by requests for assistance”.

COVID-19 also had a major impact on the accommodation industry. “Hundreds of hotels and apartments quickly contacted MediStays to support our initiative” shared Sarah. “We were absolutely inundated with requests when Jake reached out to volunteer his services”. Sarah continued “Jake has all the qualities of a Community Champion. He brings to MediStays the perfect combination of expertise in ecommerce, an incredible work ethic and passion to make a difference. Jake has a huge heart. He literally worked around the clock volunteering his support for months on end”. Since April, Jake has achieved the output of an entire team on his own. He has onboarded more than 500 properties onto the MediStays platform, representing thousands of rooms and apartments.

Most significantly, Jake’s contributions meant that MediStays could safely and rapidly accommodate Melbourne’s most vulnerable community members. This included patients being discharged from hospital and people living with disabilities. “It was also such a privilege to support trusted Melbourne organisations, including Melbourne City Mission and Yooralla, to accommodate Melbournians facing homelessness” shared Jake.  

 “It’s a huge honour to be nominated in this year’s Melbourne Awards, but even more to be part of the MediStays team.” Jake Coleiro

Jake shares “As an ecommerce specialist my role at MediStays is to source and onboard trusted accommodation partners. My aim is to create seamless integrations for patients and carers to find suitable accommodation to meet their needs. It is a great feeling to have ownership of this aspect of MediStays. By focussing on our accommodation partners, I can thoroughly research the features they offer and ensure information is accurately shown on our website. This frees up our Care Navigators to invest more time with patients and carers.

I know it can be tough to find suitable accommodation, particularly for medical travel, so anything I can do to make the challenge a little bit easier is a real privilege”

Over the past six months, Jake has assisted onboarding hundreds of accommodation partners that are now bookable with MediStays. These accommodation partners ensure MediStays provides further depth in accommodation options for patients and carers. “My goal is to meet their budget, accessibility needs and location desires. MediStays also supports hospital staff and NDIS Support Co-ordinators to book trusted accommodation for their patients and participants. I am really passionate about supporting these staff in their roles” Jake shares. He continues “I know the accommodation industry is going through a tough time during this pandemic. To be able to partner with MediStays has not only assisted the patients and carers we support, but also these small businesses through challenging times. To me this is a win-win situation for everyone.”

Where to next?

MediStays is constantly in the process of further enhancing their online platform. Our goal is to make it easier for patients and carers to search and book suitable accommodation. Jake further adds “this aspect is really what I love about ecommerce. Understanding what is important to the guest and ensuring we can deliver it in a seamless fashion. Tech can be quite complicated and time consuming, however I know if we can continue to improve our platform it will further benefit people in crisis.” 

Congratulations Jake! Your contributions to MediStays have positively impacted the lives of Melbournians and provide a lasting legacy to Melbourne accommodation providers and the Victorian community. 

MediStays was delighted to recently appoint Jake Coleiro as Head of Partnerships.  If you are an accommodation provider and wish to support patients, carers and families with accommodation he would love to hear from you