Throughout Australia, charitable organisations are dedicated to providing free or low-cost accommodation options for patients and their caregivers. Many of these lodges and homes are located in close proximity to hospitals, or provide transport to medical appointments. A range of accommodation options are included below, including Ronald McDonald Houses throughout Australia, BMDI Rotary House, Ryder-Cheshire Ivanhoe Home and Mater Hill Place

Please note, many charitable accommodation options require a direct booking to be made, on your behalf, by a social worker, accommodation liaison or medical representative. Please click on the property below or contact your hospital for further information.

Additional options to those below include New South Wales Casuarina Lodge, Chisholm Cottage, Elizabeth Hunter Lodge, Lilier Lodge, Rotary Lodge, St Vincents Hospital Queensland Cancer Council Lodge, South Australia Cancer Council Lodge, VictoriaMary Glowrey House, Vizard Foundation House and Western Australia Cancer Council Lodge, Genesis Cancer Care Lodge, Kalimera House


Accommodation providers – To include your accommodation on our list of patient and carer lodges, please email