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Accommodation near the Royal Children’s Hospital 

Do you need accommodation near the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne? The Royal Children’s Hospital provides specialist medical care for babies, children and adolescents from Victoria, inter-state and overseas. At MediStays  we are here to assist you on your journey to the RCH. We support patients, their parents, carers and families needing discounted and convenient accommodation near the RCH.  Browse our partners in Parkville, North Melbourne and surrounding suburbs for trusted hotel rooms and apartments near the hospital.

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Financial Assistance

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Financial Support

If you are a country patient and eligible for VPTAS or interstate travel and accommodation subsidies, please let us know. Many of our accommodation partners will bulk-bill this on your behalf  - contact our team for further information. The Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (VPTAS) subsidises the costs of travel and accommodation for Victorian patients that need to travel long distances for specialist medical care. Subsidies are provided to help cover the costs of staying in accommodation close to hospitals. Eligible patients and parents or carers are eligible to claim $49.50/night (incl GST) to $99/night (incl GST) to subsidise the cost of accommodation near the hospital. Subsidies are also available for travel costs including private car and public transport costs.

MediStays is endorsed by the Victorian Minister for Health and the Director of Rural and Regional Health. Our service was founded by qualified healthcare professionals, who understand the needs of medical travellers. We partner with trusted and reputable accommodation providers to support patients, carers and families when you need it most. We aim to assist you with accommodation bookings and to clearly communicate trusted and helpful information to support you on your journey to hospital. MediStays also assists patients and carers to arrange meal and grocery deliveries to your hotel or apartment.