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How to complete a Hospital Discharge Referral for your patient

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Does your patient need accommodation for a hospital discharge? 

MediStays makes it easy for Hospital Referrers to book trusted accommodation for inpatients who are approved and ready for medical discharge. We support patients requiring high support and fully wheelchair accessible properties, through to rural patients who are ready for discharge but need to stay near the hospital for ongoing outpatient care. 

Whether your patient needs accommodation on their own, with family or formal care, MediStays are here to assist. 

In just two minutes, you can complete our referral form and a MediStays Care Navigator will take care of the rest!

Hospital Discharge Referral Tips: Helpful details to have ready

How do I refer my inpatient to MediStays for outpatient accommodation?

Let’s start with your details.

The first steps are:

  • Your name
  • The hospital you work for
  • Your contact email
  • Your phone number

Please note:
  We will use the email address to correspond with you and to send you digital quotations and service agreements.

hospital-discharge-referral-accommodation-referrer-support-how-to-helpful details

Who should MediStays contact to make the booking?

You have two options here.

Option 1: The most common choice is to select yourself. Simply choose the drop-down menu item “Please liaise with me”. MediStays will contact you, as you will be acting on behalf of your patient and will receive all correspondence.


Option 2: You also have the option to select the patient or their nominee.


If you select this option, we will contact your patient or their nominee directly.

Does MediStays require the patient’s details?

For referrals to MediStays, we request you to include the patient’s name or a unique identifier. MediStays receives a high volume of referrals, and this ensures we are referring to the correct patient.

You may also wish to include the patient email and phone number, especially if you have requested us to liaise with them directly.


Hospital Discharge Referral Tips: Selecting a location to book

Where can I book Hospital Discharge Accommodation?


Scenario 1) Accommodation near the patient’s home: 

In many cases, hospital discharge accommodation is ideally located near the patient’s permanent home. This may include a wheelchair accessible property they can be discharged to until the patient’s home is modified for their arrival. The patient may also be awaiting a new accessible home build, and will ideally live nearby to integrate with their new community. Please request preferred suburbs and radius for our team to best support you.

Scenario 2) Accommodation near the hospital:

MediStays also supports discharge accommodation to support patients who need to stay in close proximity to your hospital. This is the most common scenario for patients who require ongoing hospital visits, such as post-transplant, rehabilitation and cancer infusions. It is an excellent solution for rural and remote patients who need to visit the hospital but do not need high acuity care as an inpatient. Mothers and families of premature babies also request to stay very close by.

Hospital Discharge Referral Tips: Length of Stay

How long can I book Hospital Discharge Accommodation for my patient?

MediStays supports all length of stay bookings for your patient. Please contact our Care Navigators for assistance to book the best length of stay for your patient. They will work with you, funding policies at your organisation and the individual needs of your patient. MediStays also understands that changes happen and can always assist you to extend and shorten stays, as required.

Hospital Discharge Referral Tips: Timing & Scheduling

MediStays Hospital Discharge 5

An extra helpful tip for discharge referrals: we understand that you will likely be co-ordinating a complex range of supports in addition to finding the patient’s accommodation.

This might include working with the broader team and allowing time to:

  • arrange visiting nursing or carers.
  • ensure the patient is approved for medical discharge.
  • ensure funding is approved and available.
  • ensure Assistive Technology (AT), such as a hi-lo bed, mattress and hoist, is available for delivery.

Referrers usually find that complex hospital discharge can take at least two weeks for everything to be ready.
MediStays’ turn-around time can be within 24 hours, so please include any comments on your referral form to guide this timeframe. We will work closely with all parties to ensure the transition is seamless.

Can my patient arrive on every weekday?

MediStays can book accommodation arrivals and departures for every day of the week.

However, we highly recommend that complex hospital discharge arrivals are scheduled between Tuesday to Thursday. Keeping Monday free means that their Assistive Technology (AT) can be delivered and set-up, allowing for a stress-free arrival on the Tuesday. Wednesdays and Thursdays are also perfect, allowing plenty of time either side for arrival. Both the patient and their supports have time to settle into their new surrounds.

Can my patient arrive on a weekend?

Arrivals on a Saturday or Sunday can be achieved. However, AT deliveries are often difficult, and any medical queries can be tricky to navigate on weekends. Leaving hospital is an important and major milestone for patients and weekdays can achieve a better outcome, if this is possible.

Hospital Discharge Referral Tips: Accommodating Family and Carers

Does my patient need overnight supports?

MediStays requests this information to ensure we recommend a property with the right bedding for your patient and their supports. There are three options to select from. If you are unsure, you can also include comments at the end of our form.

What if no overnight supports are required?

Please select this option in the drop-down menu. Our Care Navigators can then recommend a property with one bed for your patient. Depending on the length of stay and the preferences of your patient, this might be an open plan or one bedroom property.

What if my participant needs active overnight supports?

Please select this option in the drop-down menu. Please select this option in the drop-down menu. Our Care Navigators can then recommend a property with one private bedroom. This will ensure your patient has a peaceful night sleep. Formal carers can stay awake in the living room without making disruptions.

What if my participant needs passive overnight supports?

Please select this option in the drop-down menu. Our Care Navigators can then recommend a property with bedding for your patient and their carers. Depending on the length of stay and the preferences of your patient, this might be a one-bedroom property with a sofa-bed in the living room. Or, if funding allows, a two-bedroom property is ideal and will also be suggested.

Will the patient’s spouse or partner is staying? No problem at all, please also include this in the comments section so a queen or king bed is included. Alternatively, many MediStays properties can arrange two king single beds for a patient and their loved one.

Hospital Discharge Referral Tips: Ensuring Accessibility Features


How do I book accommodation with the right accessibility for my patient?

MediStays offers standard plus three categories of accessibility for patients requiring hospital discharge accommodation. These categories only refer to physical accessibility, not other categories such as visual or auditory.

How do I book standard accommodation for my patient who does not require physical accessible features?

MediStays has a broad range of accommodation to support patients not requiring accessible features.

Simply select the option in the drop-down menu “standard accommodation”.

How do I book accommodation for my patient who uses a walker or has just had an operation?

MediStays has a broad range of accommodation to support patients requiring easy access accommodation. We refer to this category as Access 1. These properties will be step-free and include a standard or walk-in shower.

Simply select the option in the drop-down menu “Access 1: accommodation with easy access”.


How do I book accommodation for my patient who uses a wheelchair and will be staying on their own?

MediStays has a limited range of accommodation to support patients who use a wheelchair and will be staying independently. We refer to this category as Access 2. All features and facilities in these properties are fully wheelchair accessible, including roll-in bathrooms as well as height-adjusted kitchens (in self-contained properties).

Simply select the option in the drop-down menu “Access 2: accommodation that is fully wheelchair accessible for a patient staying on their own”.


How do I book accommodation for my patient who uses a wheelchair and will be staying with informal or formal carers?

MediStays has a broad range of accommodation to support patients staying with the support of formal or informal carers. We refer to this category as Access 3. Most features and facilities in these properties are fully wheelchair accessible, including roll-in bathrooms.

The main difference from Access 2, is that Access 3 properties do not include height-adjusted kitchens (in self-contained properties). These properties are perfect for guests requiring hospital style bathrooms and who have support to assist with daily living, such as meal preparation and personal laundry.

Simply select the option in the drop-down menu “Access 3: accommodation that is fully wheelchair accessible for a patient staying with supports”.


Hospital Discharge Referral Tips: Car Parking Requirements

How do I know if car-parking is required?

If your patient is staying on their own, does not drive and will not receive visits from carers, please select no parking required.


What if my patient’s carers need parking?

If your patient will receive visits from or will be staying with carers or nursing staff, please select yes for car parking. MediStays needs to know if parking is required and can book this for you at our heavily discounted or free rates.

Hospital Discharge Referral Tips: Accessing & Approving Funding

MediStays works with a broad range of funders, including your own organisation, government departments (including the NDIS and TAC) and privately funded accommodation.

Can my hospital pay for the accommodation?

Yes, MediStays works with a broad range of tertiary hospitals through to smaller private organisations who fund hospital discharge accommodation. Please select this option and provide the details of the relevant department for MediStays accounts to liaise with.

Can NDIS funding be used to book hospital discharge accommodation?

Yes, Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) funding from the NDIS can be funded from Core Supports and as a specific line item in the patient’s plan. MTA will require NDIA approval before a MediStays booking can be made.

Hospital Discharge Referral Tips: Meal Deliveries

Can MediStays arrange meal deliveries for my patient?

Yes, MediStays work with excellent meal providers who will deliver fresh and nutritious meals for your patient’s lunch and dinner. In some locations, MediStays can also arrange breakfast deliveries. Our Care Navigators will contact you to discuss dietary requirements and meal preferences.


Hospital Discharge Referral Tips: Specialised Requirements

How else can MediStays assist you to book trusted hospital discharge accommodation for your patients?

Every individual and their accommodation requirements are unique. We have included an extra comments box at the end for any questions and requests not covered above. These might include:

  • Can my patient bring a therapy pet to their accommodation?
  • Can my patient’s wife stay in the property?
  • My patient needs a hi-lo bed, can this be arranged?


Well done! Thank you for referring your patient to MediStays Hospital Discharge Accommodation. Now all you need to do is click ‘SUBMIT’ and one of our helpful Care Navigators will be in touch.



Are you a referrer of patients requiring Hospital Discharge Accommodation? Are you experiencing bed-block and need MediStays support to manage your admissions? We’re here to support you with the legwork of booking trusted hospital discharge accommodation. So, you can free up time to focus on directly supporting your patients.

MediStays and our wonderful Care Navigators are committed to providing all referrals with the most beneficial and seamless experience possible. If you wish to make a referral, please visit our referral page.

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