Tips for Participants of the NDIS: How to request MTA and STA

MediStays NDIS MTA accommodation tips for participants

How to complete a request form for Short-Term or Medium-Term Accommodation

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Would you like to book Medium-Term or Short-Term Accommodation with your NDIS funding? 

MediStays makes it easy for participants of the NDIS to book trusted accommodation with their NDIS funding.

We have hundreds of accommodation options across Australia.

In just two minutes, you can complete our request form and our MediStays Care Navigators will take care of the rest!

NDIS Participant Tips: Helpful details to have ready

How do I make a request with MediStays to book my STA or MTA?

Let’s start with your details.

The first steps are:

  • Your name
  • Your contact email
  • Your phone number

Please note:  We will use the email address to correspond with you and to send you digital quotations and service agreements.


Who should MediStays contact to make the booking?

You have two options here.

Option 1: The most common choice is to select yourself. Simply choose the drop-down menu item “Please liaise with me”.


MediStays will contact you and you will receive all correspondence.

Option 2: You also have the option to select your Support Co-Ordinator or a nominee.


If you select this option, we will contact your Support Co-Ordinator or nominee directly. We will also include you in all correspondence.

Does MediStays require my Support Co-Ordinators details?

For referrals to MediStays, if you have a Support Co-ordinator we request you to include their name and contact details. This can help us support you with the best booking for your individual situation.


Do you require my NDIS number? 

No, MediStays does not request your NDIS number at the referral stage. However, it will be required to confirm your booking.

NDIS Participant Tips: Requesting MTA or STA

How do I book NDIS STA or MTA?

This is a simple selection. Simply choose Short Term Accommodation or Medium-Term Accommodation from the drop-down menu.

You can either select Short Term Accommodation:
Or Medium Term Accommodation:


NDIS Participant Tips: Selecting a location to book


Where can I book NDIS accommodation?
This will often depend on whether the stay is for MTA or STA.

What is NDIS MTA? 

NDIS Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA) is usually used for bridging accommodation during a home modification or following discharge from hospital, until Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is ready.

Where do I book MTA during home modifications?

In this case, you may prefer to stay in Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) close to your home. This will support you to continue living in your community and receive care from consistent support workers. Most formal support workers can travel up to 10km, which gives some extra flexibility.

Where do I book MTA following hospital discharge? 

If you are preparing to leave hospital, you will likely prefer to move into a MTA property close to the community you lived in prior to hospital admission. Alternatively, it may be near the location of your new SDA. Both options will support you to re-engage with your community, activities and supports. There can also be more flexibility in MTA location for hospital discharge compared to home modifications. MediStays Care Navigators will discuss the best options with you.

Where do I book NDIS STA? 

This depends on the reason you would like to book NDIS Short-Term Accommodation (STA)

Sometimes, STA is requested to give your and your formal supports a break. In this case, STA can be quite close to your home, or in a new community nearby.

In other circumstances, you might like to stay further away. Maybe there is a new activity you would like to try to achieve your goals and experience new things? MediStays have supported participants to experience a range of new things, including AQA wheelchair training skills, community and sports events.

Can I ask MediStays for suggestions of where to book STA? 

Our Care Navigators have access to an amazing selection of STA properties around Australia. If you are interested in using STA funding to try new experiences, this can open up a world of possibilities!

Breeze Mooloolaba MediStays

NDIS Participant Tips: Length of Stay

How long can I book my STA?

The NDIS Price Guide states that STA is usually booked for periods up to 14 nights in one stay. Usually, up to 28 nights STA can be booked in a twelve-month period. In this option, please select the preferred dates of stay based on these guidelines.

What if I need STA for longer than 14 nights at a time? 

If you require STA longer than 14 nights, please include a comment at the end of this form. MediStays Care Navigators will contact you to discuss options.

What if I need STA for longer than 28 nights in twelve months? 

If you require STA longer than 28 nights, please include a comment at the end of this form. You will likely need written approval from the NDIA Planner. MediStays Care Navigators will contact you or your Support Co-ordinator to discuss options.

How long can I book MTA for?

The NDIS Price Guide states that MTA is usually booked for periods up to 90 nights in one stay. If an extension is required during the stay, please contact MediStays Care Navigators to discuss.

If more than 90 nights MTA is needed, we will recommend you contact your Support Co-ordinator or NDIA Planner to discuss and obtain approval. This will protect you by ensuring funds can be used for an extended stay.

We understand that things can happen that are out of your control. It might be a delay in the SDA you are moving into. Sometimes there are delays in home renovations and more than 90 nights MTA is needed. Either way, MediStays Care Navigators will support you to achieve the best outcome for your continued access to safe and trusted accommodation.

NDIS Participant Tips: Timing & Scheduling

An extra helpful tip for MTA referrals: do your best to understand the time frame for your arrival. MediStays can make same day bookings, but often the process may take a little longer.

Depending on the complexity of your booking and if you have the assistance of a Support Co-ordinator, you might need to allow time to:

  • arrange support workers.
  • ensure NDIS funding is approved and available.
  • ensure Assistive Technology (AT), such as a hi-lo bed, mattress and hoist, is available for hire.

Can I arrive at MTA on any weekday?

MediStays can book accommodation arrivals and departures for every day of the week.

However, if you are being discharged from hospital, we highly recommend arrival between Tuesday to Thursday. Keeping Monday free means that your Assistive Technology (AT) can be delivered and set-up, allowing for a stress-free arrival on the Tuesday. Wednesdays and Thursdays are also perfect, allowing plenty of time either side for arrival. Both you and your supports will have time to settle into your new surrounds.

Can I arrive at MTA on a weekend?

Arrivals on a Saturday or Sunday can be achieved. However, AT deliveries are often difficult, and any medical queries can be tricky to navigate on weekends. If you are leaving hospital, this is an important and major milestone. So we strive to achieve a seamless, stress-free arrival for all participants and will recommend a weekday if possible.

NDIS Participant Tips: Accommodating Formal Supports

MediStays requests this information to ensure we recommend a property with the right bedding for you and your supports. There are three options to select from. If you are unsure, you can also include comments at the end of our form.

What do I select if I do not require overnight supports? 

Please select this option in the drop-down menu. Our Care Navigators can then recommend a property with just one bed  – for you. Depending on the length of stay and your personal preferences, this might be an open plan or one bedroom property. You can also select this option if your partner or informal supports would like to stay. This gives you the option to sleep in the same bed, two side-by-side single beds,  or one standard single and a hi-lo bed. Any questions, just add a comment at the end of our form.


What if I require active overnight supports?

Please select this option in the drop-down menu. Our Care Navigators can then recommend a property with one private bedroom. This will ensure you have a peaceful night sleep, while your support worker stays awake in the living room without disturbing you.


What if I require passive overnight supports?

Please select this option in the drop-down menu. Our Care Navigators can then recommend a property with bedding for you and your support workers. Depending on your length of stay and preferences, this might be a one-bedroom property with a sofa-bed in the living room. Or, if funding allows, a two-bedroom property is ideal and will also be suggested.

MediStays NDIS STA accommodation tips for participants

NDIS Participant Tips: Ensuring Accessibility Features

How do I book STA or MTA with the right accessibility for my needs?

MediStays offers four categories of accessibility for participants of the NDIS booking MTA and STA with MediStays. These categories only refer to physical accessibility, not other categories such as visual or auditory.

How do I book standard accommodation?

MediStays has a broad range of accommodation to support bookings for participants that do not require accessible features.

Simply select the option in the drop-down menu “standard accommodation”.

I use a walker, how do I request easy access accommodation?

MediStays has a broad range of accommodation to support participants requiring easy access accommodation. We refer to this category as Access 1. These properties will be step-free and include a standard or walk-in shower.

Simply select the option in the drop-down menu “Access 1: accommodation with easy access”.


I am a wheelchair user and will be staying on my own. How do I book accessible accommodation for an independent wheelchair user?

MediStays has a limited range of accommodation to support guests who use a wheelchair and will be staying independently. We refer to this category as Access 2. All features and facilities in these properties are fully wheelchair accessible, including roll-in bathrooms as well as height-adjusted kitchens (in self-contained properties). If you don’t require kitchen facilities, this opens up the possibilities as all bathrooms and other property features will be verified and fully accessible.

Simply select the option in the drop-down menu “Access 2: accommodation that is fully wheelchair accessible for a participant staying on their own”.


I am a wheelchair user and will be staying with supports. How do I book wheelchair accessible accommodation if I am staying with carers?

MediStays has a broad range of accommodation to support participants staying with the support of formal or informal carers. We refer to this category as Access 3. Most features and facilities in these properties are fully wheelchair accessible, including roll-in bathrooms.

The main difference from Access 2, is that Access 3 properties do not include height-adjusted kitchens (in self-contained properties). These properties are perfect for guests requiring hospital style bathrooms and who have support to assist with your daily living, such as meal preparation and personal laundry.

Simply select the option in the drop-down menu “Access 3: accommodation that is fully wheelchair accessible for a participant staying with supports”.


NDIS Participant Tips: Car Parking Requirements

How do I know if car-parking is required?

If you are staying on your own, do not drive and will not receive visits from support workers, please select no parking required.


What if my support workers need parking?

If you will receive visits from or will be staying with support workers, please select yes for car parking. The NDIS Price Guide does not include a line item for car parking costs for supports. MediStays needs to know if parking is required and can book this for you at our heavily discounted or free rates.

NDIS Participant Tips: Accessing & Approving Funding

Is NDIS funding required to book STA or MTA?

This will often depend if you are booking MTA or STA.

STA is funded from Core Supports. It does not require approval if the stay meets the criteria for STA (including reasonable and necessary, and less than 14 nights per stay).

MTA can be funded from Core Supports and as a specific line item in the participant’s plan. MTA will require NDIA approval before a MediStays booking can be made.

Can I book MTA or STA if funding is approved?

Yes absolutely, please select from the drop-down menu “funding is approved, and we are ready to book”. Once you have signed MediStays Service Agreement, our Care Navigators will contact your Plan Manager to discuss funds and invoicing arrangements.


Can I request a quotation for MTA for a NDIS Plan Review?

Yes, MediStays are delighted to assist you with the approval process. Please select from the drop-down menu that funding is “not yet approved, we’re preparing a plan review”. If you have any extra questions to support your plan review, our Care Navigators are here to assist.


Can I book MTA and STA if I am not sure about funding?

If you are not sure how this stay will be funded, please select from the drop-down menu “Unsure”. Our Care Navigators will touch base to assist you understand funding requirements.


NDIS Participant Tips: Navigating Managed Funding

Can I book NDIS MTA and STA with Plan Managed funding?

Yes, please select from the drop-down menu that funding is “Plan Managed”. In the following box, you can also share who the plan manager is. MediStays works closely with plan managers across Australia. We give you peace of mind and ensure the costs of supports and invoicing meet NDIS Price Guidelines.


Can I book MTA and STA with Self-Managed funding?

Yes, please select from the drop-down menu funding is “Self-Managed”. MediStays work closely with you, ensure the costs of supports and invoicing are easy to understand, and align with NDIS Price Guidelines.


Can I book MTA and STA with Agency Managed funding?


MediStays are not yet able to support bookings for participants with Agency Managed Funding. However, you can arrange for STA or MTA funds to be plan managed. Our Care Navigators are here to assist with this process, so please reach out for support.

NDIS Participant Tips: Specialised Requirements

How else can MediStays assist you to book trusted STA and MTA?

Every individual and their accommodation requirements are unique. We have included an extra comments box at the end for any questions and requests not covered above. These might include:

  • Can I bring my therapy pet to MTA?
  • Can my wife stay with me in the STA?
  • I need a hi-lo bed, can this be arranged?



Well done! Thank you for your requesting MediStays assistance to book your STA and MTA. Now all you need to do is click ‘SUBMIT’ and one of our helpful Care Navigators will be in touch.


Are you a participant of the NDIS who would benefit from either Short-Term or Medium-Term stays? We’re here to support you with the legwork of booking NDIS MTA & STA accommodation. Achieve your goals and have peace of mind when you book with MediStays.

MediStays and our wonderful Care Navigators are committed to supporting you with the most beneficial and seamless experience possible. If you wish to make a request for NDIS STA or MTA, please see our Services page.

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