MediStays packing checklist for your hospital visit

It is often difficult to remember everything you need when you are travelling for medical care.

At MediStays we are here to support you on your medical journey. You may find the following checklists helpful when packing to attend medical treatment away from home.

Essential items to pack for your hospital visit

• Appointment and/or admission letter

• Doctor referral letters

• Cards, including Medicare, Commonwealth concession, health insurance and photo ID.

• Test results

• Imaging – may be hard copy films or disks

• Medications

• Vitamins and supplements

• Reading glasses

• Notepad and pen to write down information during your appointment

• Contact information – name and phone number of your GP, other doctors and emergency contacts.

• Accommodation name, address and booking confirmation email

• Government subsidy forms (such as Patient Assisted Transport Scheme)

It can be difficult to remember important information during your medical appointment. You may find it helpful to write down your medical history and any questions before you leave home. You can also ask your GP to assist you.

Essential items to pack when staying away from home

• Comfortable day wear

• Pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers

• Underwear

• Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shaving items

• Sanitary napkins, liners or tampons

• Hairbrush or comb

• Telephone, tablet and/or electronic devices (and chargers)

• Depending on the length of your stay, consider packing some basic food & drink items (e.g. tea/coffee, breakfast & pantry items) – visit Meals and Groceries.

Essential items to pass the time while you wait for medical appointments

To pass the time while you travel and wait for appointments you might find it helpful to pack the following items.

• Your favourite nutritious snacks and a water bottle to avoid hunger and dehydration.

• A great book, magazine or newspaper.

• Headphones for your phone, tablet or iPod to listen to your favourite music, audiobook or podcast.

• Many people find that keeping a journal to record your feelings can be calming, empowering and inspirational during this time.

• Hobbies such as colouring books, knitting, card games and jigsaw puzzles all help to pass the time and can help you to meet fellow patients and carers while you wait.


This packing checklist helps you to remember what to pack when travelling for medical care. It is also helpful to pack a few items that help you pass the time when waiting for medical appointments.

We would love to hear your helpful tips for other medical travellers.