About MediStays

An Australian Social Enterprise

Our Story

Our co-founders are healthcare professionals with extensive experience working in Australian and overseas hospitals.  They personally understand how challenging it can be for people travelling long distances to hospitals.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Australians require specialist medical care for procedures ranging from hip or knee replacements, through to highly specialised heart operations, organ transplants and specialist cancer therapies.

News of a serious medical condition can be devastating for patients and their loved ones. For people having to travel for medical care, the added complexity of finding a safe and suitable place to stay and arranging transport, car-parking and meals away from home can be overwhelming and stressful.

And, until now, many people were having to rely on holiday websites to find suitable accommodation at this difficult time in their lives.

To solve this problem, our founders created MediStays, a social enterprise dedicated to supporting people on a medical journey.

MediStays has been developed in close collaboration with a dedicated and innovative team of healthcare and business professionals, not-for-profit organisations, government departments, privately operated and commercial accommodation providers.

As a team, we bring combined experience from several of Australia’s leading public and private hospitals in both metropolitan and regional medical centres, accommodation and hospitality industries.

We understand the importance of high quality, evidence-based healthcare and we passionate about supporting people on a medical journey.

Our values

We are caring

At MediStays, we give you peace of mind and to ease the burden of travelling away from home. We do our best to ensure people travelling for medical care feel comfortable and safe.

We are innovative

We combine our knowledge of healthcare with innovative technologies to support people access the best healthcare available. We are forward thinking and embrace innovative and efficient solutions to make a positive difference.

We are credible

As qualified healthcare professionals, our team understands the needs of medical travellers. We partner with trusted and reputable accommodation providers to support you when you need it most.

We are informative

We clearly communicate trusted and helpful information to support people travelling to hospitals and those being discharged from hospital. We are committed to building trusted partnerships to help people access the best accommodation and support services.

Through MediStays, we aim to make it easier for patients and their families to find health and medical accommodation. We hope to support you focus on your health and medical care, rather than the practical and logistical challenges of the journey. And, we are passionate about building MediStays to achieve this.

Associate Professor Sarah Everitt

MediStays Co-founder and Director (BMedRad, PhD)

Helping people to find trusted and convenient accommodation near hospitals is an essential aspect of healthcare in Australia. One third of our population live in country areas and many need specialist medical care at some stage in their lives. We hope that MediStays fills in important gap for these people when they need it most.

Craig Everitt

MediStays Co-founder and Director (BMedRad, MHA)