The MediStays Service to
NDIS Housing Providers

How MediStays Works

MediStays is the accommodation booking platform designed for Australians living with a disability.

As the go-to accommodation website for NDIS accommodation, we have a consistent stream of booking requests from referrers, participants and carers across Australia.

Until MediStays, the NDIS community have relied on referral based or provider accommodation listings to find the right place to stay. 

Finding out about availability, funding and specific accessibility features could be a lengthy and complex process.

Now with MediStays, users are supported by our concierge service to find the best accommodation for their participant’s needs. Booking trusted, accessible accommodation is now just a click away.

It takes less than 5 minutes.

How we support NDIS Accommodation Providers

MediStays provides seamless bookings and guaranteed payments for our valued NDIS accommodation operators and developers.

Our Worry-Free Payment Structure

We understand that getting paid can often be a source of stress and anxiety, but with our worry-free payment structure, you can put your mind at ease.


MediStays Care Navigators act on your behalf to ensure funding is available before booking your property.


MediStays manages and processes all payments on your behalf.


You simply invoice MediStays and we ensure receive your payments on time, every time.

It takes less than 15 minutes.

Custom Features for NDIS Property Owners

MediStays provides seamless bookings and guaranteed payments for our valued NDIS accommodation partners.

MediStays are a team of specialists who effectively manage and provide a pipeline of guests to your property.

Our Care Navigators do all the hard work on behalf, ensuring referrals align the individual needs and preferences of participants with your property. 

MediStays provides one source for direct, guaranteed payments. This replaces the need to deal with multiple payers – such as plan managers, participants and third parties.

At MediStays, we are committed to supporting our property partners to secure guaranteed payment – for all bookings, without delay.

We hand-select our listed properties based on features ideal for our guests.

Designed with our accommodation partners in mind, search filters and layouts highlight your features and facilities.

Within both our Accommodation Partnerships and Care Navigator teams, we have a wealth of industry expertise.

Fully Australian owned, based and operated, our Accommodation Partnerships team is here to support you.

Our dedicated Care Navigator team will match the best guests with your property, and it’s features to provide a quality experience.

It takes less than 5 minutes.
Medical practitioners working together

What makes our service different?

We are 100% Australian owned and operated
Our Care Navigators match properties to guests needs
MediStays Payment Guarantee manages all guest invoicing
It takes less than 5 minutes.

What our referrers say


About your property

Demand for NDIS Accommodation

From busy metropolitan suburbs to regional centres, MediStays works with our growing community of NDIS referrers Australia-wide. Our community trust MediStays to source verified accommodation for participants of the NDIS when they need it most.

To support our community, we are constantly seeking new properties to meet the growing demand for our service. We partner with accommodation providers who can support accommodation for participants requiring a range of accommodation, from Improved Livability (IL), Fully Accessible (FA) and High Physical Support (HPS) categories.

At MediStays, we welcome all property types.

The NDIS refer to these categories to guide and classify property design for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). However, there is currently no official classification system for Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) or Short Term Accommodation (STA).

The benefit of listing your property on MediStays is that:

1) our partnership team will verify the features of your property so that 

2) our Care Navigator team can align the individual needs of a participant to the design features of your property. 

For further information, please read about our broad Access Criteria here.

MediStays have a high demand for properties with specific accessible design features to support participants living with a physical disability. This can include FA and HPS features, such as roll-in showers to support a guest using a hoist. 

You can read about our Access criteria here.

However, we also receive referrals from ambulant guests who do not need features to support a physical disability. 

While some participants require accommodation accessible for a wheelchair user, other guest referred to MediStays are seeking additional inclusive design features.

Visual accessibility and sensory accessibility and two features sought after by Australians living with non-visible disabilities. Accommodation with dimmable lights and a calming environment are highly sought after features.

For further information to support these referrals, please contact us today.



While MediStays does not currently list SDA properties on our website, we are a trusted source of referrals.

MediStays point of difference is our ability to refer participants to your property under MTA, converting them to SDA.

This increases your occupancy and rental return, while providing NDIS participants with trusted housing and the opportunity to trial the property before approval as a permanent resident. 

It takes less than 5 minutes.

How do I list my property on MediStays?

It’s easy to join MediStays as an Accommodation Partner. We do all the heavy lifting for you, building and managing your listing.
Review Customised e-Contract
Approved as a MediStays Partner
Complete Listing InfoSheet
We finalise your new MediStays Listing
Approve your property listing
Final testing
You are live
It takes less than 5 minutes.