Interstate Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (IPTAS)

ACT patient and carers guide to claiming accommodation subsidies

What is IPTAS?

The ACT Interstate Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (IPTAS) subsidises the cost of travel and accommodation for residents of the ACT who are referred interstate for medical care not available within the ACT.

Subsidies are provided to help cover the costs of staying in accommodation close to hospitals. Patients can also claim travel costs including private car and public transport costs.

IPTAS supports residents of the ACT travelling to hospitals in NSW and other States. ACT patients travelling to hospitals within Canberra and surrounds are not eligible for this subsidy. 

Eligibility Criteria

The main eligibility criteria for IPTAS is requiring medical care outside of the ACT:

People requiring specialist medical care not available within the Territory .


You also need to be a permanent resident of the Australian Capital Territory.

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Who decides if I am eligible to claim IPTAS

Your GP and medical specialist need to confirm you are travelling for specialist medical care. The doctor must be approved to practice as a specialist under Medicare Australia and their details must be included on the form. 

Please ask your GP, medical specialist or staff at the clinic to assist you with this process. You can also contact the IPTAS Office directly for further information. Once your form is submitted to the IPTAS Office, they will process your application and confirm your eligibility and reimbursements.

Please note, MediStays does not approve your application. 

How much is the accommodation subsidy?

Depending on your individual situation:


Patients not admitted to hospital may be eligible to claim up to $70/night accommodation subsidy.

Patients travelling with an approved escort

Patients not admitted to hospital who are travelling with an approved escort may be eligible to claim up to $140/night.

A child travelling with two escorts may be eligible to claim up to $210/night.


If you are an approved escort for a patient admitted to hospital you can claim an accommodation subsidy of up to $70/night.

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When to submit an IPTAS application form

If you are eligible to apply for IPTAS, post your hard copy, signed form and MediStays tax invoice to the IPTAS office when your stay has finished.

Can I submit my claim online?

Please visit the IPTAS website for further information about submitting your application online. 

Other frequently asked questions

Yes, MediStays can bulk-bill IPTAS for stays 10+ nights.

Prior pre-approval of subsidy including the number of nights and amount must be made in advance of stay in order for MediStays to bulk-bill.

Please contact us to discuss this option prior to booking at or by calling our office on 1300 085 036 (office hours).

Please note bookings made with MediStays Hospital Partners, including St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, can also be bulk-billed. Contact us to discuss further. 

Booking with MediStays ensures that every property is eligible for your IPTAS claim. Simply browse our website for the property that meets your needs and submit your claim, or contact us to bulk-bill. 

No, IPTAS entitles you to claim all accommodation costs, including one-night stays

As escort is a person approved to travel with the patient. This may include your husband or wife, carer, family member, friend or the parents of children under 18 years of age.

A person can have more than one escort if they are under the age of 18 years, certain conditions apply.

Accommodation in private homes is not funded by IPTAS. 

You must claim the subsidy for the state or territory where you live (not the location of your treating hospital). 

Participation in some clinical trials will deem patients’ ineligible to claim IPTAS. Please discuss this with your medical specialist if unsure. 

If your accommodation costs are more than the IPTAS subsidy, you will need to pay some out of pocket expenses.

For example, if a patient and escort stay in accommodation at $140/night they will pay $40 per night and IPTAS will subside the remaining $100.

With IPTAS, the good news is that no co-payment is required.

No, there are no concessions. 

Yes, if you are an approved escort, you are eligible to claim the accommodation subsidy.

For example, you may travel interstate with your husband and book accommodation with MediStays until he is discharged. You are eligible to claim $50/night during his stay in hospital.

Yes, IPTAS covers public transport costs. Keep a copy of your tax invoices and record details of your journey (dates) on the form. 

Please contact the IPTAS office directly for further information:

Website here





If you are eligible to apply for IPTAS, post your hard copy, signed form and MediStays tax invoice to the IPTAS office when your stay has finished.

For long stays, you may also apply in advance or in regular intervals. 

As stated on the IPTAS website, in general, you will not be eligible to claim IPTAS if you:

  • participate in clinical trials or experimental treatments that are medical research studies that aim to find a better way to manage a particular disease
  • live in states or territories other than ACT (unless they are a living organ donor to an ACT patient)
  • are away from their permanent place of residence when the treatment episode begins, such as when on holidays or while visiting friends or family either within the ACT or interstate
  • are undertaking a journey to or from outside Australia for medical treatment
  • are accessing allied health (for example, audiology, physiotherapy, podiatry, speech therapy)
  • are accessing general practitioner (GP) services
  • are eligible to claim assistance under another state or territory or from a registered benefit organisation including the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • were injured in a motor vehicle accident and are covered by insurance 
  • were injured at work and are covered by WorkSafe
  • have received or claimed by way of compensation, damages or other payment in respect to the illness or injury being treated.

How MediStays can help…

Checking your eligibility after booking

When you book accommodation with MediStays, you can choose to tell us your postcode. This enables us to guide you on your eligibility for IPTAS and send you the link for the relevant IPTAS paperwork.

Which MediStays accommodation is eligible?

All properties listed on the MediStays website are eligible. Simply book on our website and submit your MediStays tax invoice with your application form or online claim.

Are you a patient or carer travelling for medical care?

Our Care Navigators can assist with accommodation and funding support.