The Interstate Patient Travel Scheme (IPTS)

Western Australian patient and carers guide to claiming interstate accommodation subsidies

What is IPTS?

The Western Australian Interstate Patient Travel Scheme (IPTS) subsidises the cost of travel and accommodation for residents of WA who need to travel interstate for specialist medical care.

Subsidies are provided to help cover the costs of staying in accommodation close to hospitals outside of WA. Patients can also claim travel costs including private car and public transport costs.

WA IPTS supports residents of Western Australia travelling to hospitals outside of WA. WA patients travelling to hospitals within Western Australia can apply for PATS – find out more here

Eligibility Criteria

In Western  Australia, the main eligibility criteria for IPTS is a patient’s need to travel interstate to obtain essential specialist medical treatment that is not available in WA. 

People needing specialist medical care only available outside WA.


You also need to be a resident of Western Australia.

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Who decides if I am eligible to claim IPTS

Your medical specialist needs to confirm you are travelling for specialist medical care. The doctor must be approved to practice as a specialist under Medicare Australia and their details must be included on the form. The specialist or an authorised officer, such as a hospital social worker, practice manager, receptionist or nurse may sign your form.

Please ask your medical specialist or staff at the clinic to assist you with this process. You can also contact the IPTS Office directly for further information. Once your form is submitted to the IPTS Office, they will process your application and confirm your eligibility and reimbursements.

Please note, MediStays does not approve your application. 

How much is the accommodation subsidy

The subsidy varies depending on your situation:


Patients not admitted to hospital may be eligible to claim up to $80.00/night accommodation subsidy.

Patients travelling with an approved escort

Patients not admitted to hospital who are travelling with an approved escort may be eligible to claim up to $100.00/night.


If you are an approved escort for a patient admitted to hospital you can claim an accommodation subsidy of up to $80.00/night.

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When to contact MediStays?

If you are eligible to apply for IPTS, contact MediStays to book your accommodation and link us with your IPTS Office. We can then arrange all payments with IPTS directly – peace of mind for you. 

Can I apply for IPTS online?

Visit the WA IPTS website to find out more.

Other frequently asked questions

Yes, MediStays will work closely with the WA IPTS team to support you. Please contact us to discuss this option prior to booking your accommodation

Email enquiries can be sent to our Care Navigators at

Every property on the MediStays website can be booked for your accommodation and IPTS claim.

No, IPTS entitles you to claim all accommodation costs, including one-night stays.

The subsidy is paid from 1 day before the treatment begins until 1 day after the patient is released from treatment care.

As escort is a person approved to travel with the patient. This may include your husband or wife or primary carer. The parents of children under 17 years of age and escorts for people with a disability receive automatic approval as escorts.

In life threatening circumstances approval may be granted for both parents and siblings less than 24 months of age to receipt IPTS support.

Accommodation in private homes is not supported by IPTS funding.

WA IPTS is specifically to support WA patients travelling interstate. You must by a WA resident and claim the subsidy for the state or territory where you live (not the location of your treating hospital). 

As stated on the IPTS website, patients may not be eligible if they are:

  • travelling on holidays or business and live in another state. This includes fly-in fly-out or temporary workers who are not permanent Western Australia residents. (Those who can demonstrate they have spent more than 6 months of the previous 12 months in WA may be eligible)
  • eligible to claim assistance from a third party (e.g. WorkCover, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Motor Accident Insurance Commission, private health insurance)
  • seeking treatment that is available in WA   
  • participating in  research, clinical trials or experimental treatment,
  • undertaking routine follow up appointments where the index medical condition is stable
  • seeking second opinion

If your accommodation costs are more than the IPTS, you will need to pay some out of pocket expenses.

For example, if a patient and escort stay in accommodation close to hospital at $140/night, they will pay $40per night for accommodation. IPTS will subsidise the remaining $100/night. If an escort (only) stays in accommodation at $ 140/night they will pay $ 60 per night. IPTS will subside the remaining $80/night.

Approved applicants on a Concession Card may claim a daily Living Away Allowance (LAA). This includes the days you travel to and from the interstate destination except when leaving first thing in the morning on a return flight. No allowance is payable to the patient on days they are admitted to hospital.)

No, there are no concessions for IPTS. 

Yes, approved escorts are eligible to claim the accommodation subsidy. For example, you may travel interstate with your husband to the hospital and book accommodation with MediStays until he is discharged. You are eligible to claim $80/night accommodation subsidy. You may claim from one day before the treatment begins until one day after the patient is released from treatment care.

Yes, IPTS covers public transport costs. Keep a copy of your tax invoices and record details of your journey dates on the form. 

(Full reimbursement for approved air travel at economy rates. Approval required from referring medical practitioner or treating specialist prior to booking travel.)

Travel by road – private vehicle to and from the airport only or taxi to and from the airport at a maximum of $200.00. 

IPTS covers 30 cents per kilometre for duration of journey (mileage needs to be recorded).

Please contact the IPTS office directly for further information 08-63732289  if you have any questions.

The website is here.

Contact the IPTS office for all information and approval before commencing your medical journey.

How MediStays can help…

Checking your eligibility after booking

When you book accommodation with MediStays, you can choose to tell us your postcode. This enables us to guide you on your eligibility for IPTS and send you the link for the relevant IPTS approval.

Which MediStays accommodation is eligible?

All properties listed on the MediStays website are eligible – simply book on our website and submit your MediStays tax invoice with your application form. Alternatively, please contact us directly to arrange payment with IPTS.

Are you a patient or carer travelling for medical care?

Our Care Navigators can assist with accommodation and funding support.