MediStays support for Brain Tumours Online

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MediStays support for Brain Tumours Online

A cancer diagnosis comes with a myriad of emotions and uncertainties, including fear and disbelief. For Australians living in rural and regional communities, the need to travel long distances and find a trusted place to stay while they receive treatment often creates additional stress and anxiety.

Brain Tumours Online is led by Australia’s leading healthcare professionals and researchers in close collaboration with people living with the experience of a brain tumour diagnosis. The platform supports people affected by brain tumours to find trustworthy and up to date information, access online tools to help manage symptoms, and connections with other patients, carers and health professionals to share experiences and learn.

Webinar - Support for Carers - Brain Tumours Online

MediStays Managing Director and co-founder, Dr Sarah Everitt, was honoured to be a panelist on the recent Brain Tumours Online webinar. Sarah shared that carers often take on the responsibility of organisational tasks such as finding accommodation and transport. The MediStays team are an important resource for carers and their loved ones needing trusted accommodation during this time.

Led by Professor Kate Drummond, Director of Neurosurgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, MediStays were accompanied by speakers from other trusted organisations, including Cancer Council Victoria, Carer Gateway and CarerHelp Project at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

The Brain Tumours Online site is currently in their evaluation phase. If you know any adults affected by a brain tumour, please let them know of this valuable resource. The team are also recruiting participants (including patients, carers and health care professionals) until the end of the year for this testing phase and would like as many people as possible to use the platform and provide feedback.

As a participant, you will be invited to complete some online surveys. This will provide you with early access to the site including the webinars, a social media community, and other online resources.

For further information, please visit the link below or scan the QR code.

If you are the carer of a loved one diagnosed with a brain tumour, MediStays care Navigators are here to assist you with booking accommodation and ensuring you are aware of important financial assistance available. You can click here to search and book accommodation.

Brain Tumours Online flyer

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