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How Our Care Navigators Support Complex Medical Discharge Accommodation & Referrals

MediStays is a nationwide service assisting patients, carers and healthcare staff to book trusted accommodation near hospitals. We provide specialist support across hospital  discharge related stays. Our expert team of Care Navigators customise their approach for every situation. This connects Australians and their families with accommodation that supports timely access to medical care and a seamless transition back into community.

MediStays makes planning complex care easier for our referrers, who know they can rely on our trusted and credible service for their patients. Ultimately this supports timely hospital discharge, connection with loved ones and community, while reducing bed-block and associated healthcare costs.

We also pride ourselves on the provision of excellent customer service. All stakeholders in the MediStays’ community are valued, including patients and carers, healthcare referrers, support staff and our accommodation suppliers.

And it’s our Care Navigators who are the jewels in the MediStays crown!

Firstly, what is a MediStays Care Navigator?

Our Care Navigators are here to ensure Australians on a medical journey can access timely, safe and trusted accommodation when they need it most.

They are the embodiment of MediStays’ values:
  • Caring
  • Innovative
  • Credible
  • Informative


MediStays co-founder and Managing Director, Dr Sarah Everitt, is a healthcare professional (BMedRad, PhD). Since founding MediStays in 2017, Sarah and the MediStays team have developed a wealth of experience working with people on a health and medical journey.

At MediStays, we focus and invest in the recruitment of our Care Navigators. Our team searches for unique and values driven individuals. So we look for people motivated to make an energetic and passionate contribution.

Sarah and our team oversee the onboarding of all MediStays Care Navigator recruits. The core emphasis is on understanding Australia’s health and medical services and we invest in our team to ensure they receive extensive training, education and guidance.

This comprehensive training and understanding encompasses all aspects of hospital discharge accommodation referrals. And the result? A team of Care Navigators who have deep insights into the accommodation needs of our guests.

Why refer to MediStays for your hospital discharge needs?

MediStays is a trusted organisation specialising in accommodation for health and medical travellers. We have an in-depth understanding of accommodation, accessibility and the unique requirements of medical travellers. With more than 600 accommodation partnerships across Australia, we are committed to securing competitive rates on behalf of our partner organisations.

As recently shared by one of MediStays valued referrers:

“Working with MediStays has been brilliant in achieving prompt and safe discharges for some of our most complex patients.”

Colm Sands, Senior Social Worker, Rehabilitation Unit
Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service

MediStays supports two key scenarios for hospital discharge:

a) Patients needing accommodation close to the hospital
b) Patients needing accommodation close to home

This includes (but is not limited to):
  • Patients transitioning from rehabilitation, including those awaiting permanent and/or accessible housing
  • Patients awaiting approval of a NDIS plan
  • Rural and remote patients not requiring acute care, but who are required to stay near the hospital
  • Patients receiving end of life care, who wish to be accommodated with their loved ones and support network.
  • Patients undergoing pre- and post-organ transplantation stays
  • Medical device monitoring stays for patients and their loved ones.


Without our Care Navigators contribution, we wouldn’t be able to uphold the level of quality care that we do.

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How does the MediStays team support complex hospital discharge?

Our team of General and Specialist Care Navigators work together to provide the best solutions possible for complex hospital discharge referrals.

These complex hospital discharges may require a team of up to ten people in collaboration.

This includes not only the MediStays team, but also a hospital team of:
  • Occupational therapists
  • Social workers
  • Nurses
  • Medical staff


Alongside, of course, the most important people – guests and their loved ones.

From small to big tasks, our Care Navigators’ have outstanding attention to detail. This is important from documenting guest requirements, to preparing quotations and service agreements. And it contributes to the successful execution of complex scenarios.

We also have accessibility processes in place for hospital discharge requirements. In this scenario, we convert fully accessible properties (Access 3) into hospital equivalents.

Here’s how MediStays does this:

Step 1: We receive your electronic discharge planning referral

Step 2: We liaise with you and your multi-disciplinary team to confirm the patient’s individual requirements

Step 2: Using these criteria, we recommend the most suitable properties  – such as MediStays Access 3 fully wheelchair accessible properties.

Step 3: MediStays service agreement is issued and the booking is confirmed upon receipt of the signed agreement.

Step 4: The property is prepared for arrival, including assistive technology deliveries such as a hi-lo bed and mattress, hoist, commode and/or shower trolley

Step 5: Following guest arrival, MediStays is the central contact for all parties. This ensures accommodation support for the guest and carers during their stay.

For tips on how to refer your patient to MediStays – you can learn more here.

The individualised level of care provided to MediStays guests and referrers is only possible with the support and skills of our wonderful Care Navigators. Their dedicated contribution to our services provides comprehensive support to all guests. And especially those with complex situations.

MediStays also works with participants of the NDIS and their referrers. This includes participants with hospital requirements. Here, our Care Navigators can provide support across both medical and disability needs.



I just wanted to say a huge thank you for navigating through the plethora of difficulties encountered whilst searching for Kate’s* accommodation.  We have a roster of carers who will support Kate and allow her to transition into community life

Kate is very excited about leaving hospital and getting back into her life and activities outside of this environment, she is very thankful to all involved and I wanted you to receive some of that thanks.” 

Colm Sands, Senior Social Worker, Rehabilitation Unit, Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Are you supporting a patient requiring accommodation for hospital discharge?

MediStays are here to support you with the legwork of organising trusted discharge accommodation. 

MediStays and our Care Navigators are here to assist all referrals. Our goal is to provide the most beneficial and seamless experience possible.

If you wish to make a referral, please submit your request here.

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