How MediStays Helped Vineesha Move into NDIS Funded MTA

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MediStays: Assisting Vineesha’s transition to NDIS funded Medium-Term Accommodation during home modifications

Who: Vineesha (42 years old living with a diagnosis of Huntington’s Disease)  
Stay type: NDIS-funded MTA to move out of her home during accessibility modifications
Location: Western Melbourne: Medium Term Accommodation Apartment

Navigating the complexities of living with a progressive neurological condition like Huntington’s disease is challenging. For individuals like Vineesha, these challenges often necessitate significant lifestyle adjustments, including modifications to the living environment. This is where services like MediStays come into play, providing crucial support and assistance in finding suitable accommodation solutions. In Vineesha’s case, her journey to moving into NDIS funded Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA) was made seamless with the help of MediStays, enabling her to live comfortably and independently despite her disability.

Understanding Huntington’s Disease and Its Impact

Huntington’s disease is a genetic disorder that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. This debilitating condition impacts a person’s functional abilities, often resulting in movement, cognitive, and psychiatric disorders. As the disease progresses, everyday tasks become increasingly difficult, and the need for a supportive living environment grows. For Vineesha, the progression of Huntington’s disease meant she required a home that could accommodate her wheelchair and meet her evolving needs.

The Need for Home Modifications

Home modifications are essential for individuals with disabilities to ensure their living space is safe, accessible, and comfortable. These modifications can range from simple adjustments, such as installing grab bars and ramps, to more extensive changes like widening doorways, modifying bathrooms, and installing wheelchair-accessible kitchens. For Vineesha, her home required significant modifications to accommodate her wheelchair and ensure her safety and independence.

However, home modifications can be time-consuming and expensive, often necessitating temporary relocation. This is where NDIS funded MTA becomes invaluable. MTA provides a temporary housing solution for individuals while their permanent homes undergo necessary modifications.

MediStays: Bridging the Gap

MediStays specialises in assisting individuals with disabilities in finding suitable temporary accommodation solutions. Their expertise in navigating the NDIS system and understanding the unique needs of their clients makes them an ideal partner for those requiring MTA. When Vineesha’s family reached out to MediStays, they were immediately met with empathy, professionalism, and a wealth of knowledge.

MediStays worked closely with Vineesha and her support team to understand her specific needs and preferences. They facilitated the entire process, from finding a suitable MTA that was wheelchair accessible to ensuring the accommodation met all of Vineesha’s requirements. This included considering factors such as proximity to medical facilities, accessibility features, and a supportive community environment.

The Transition to NDIS Funded MTA

The transition to NDIS funded MTA was a critical step for Vineesha. MediStays took the lead in coordinating with NDIS planners, ensuring all necessary paperwork was completed efficiently. They provided detailed information about available MTA options, highlighting features that would cater to Vineesha’s needs. The goal was to ensure that Vineesha’s temporary accommodation was not only comfortable but also facilitated her independence and well-being.

Through MediStays’ comprehensive support, Vineesha was able to transition smoothly into a suitable MTA. The chosen accommodation was fully wheelchair accessible, featuring modified bathroom facilities, wide doorways, and accessible kitchen areas. Moreover, the location was close to her community and trusted healthcare providers, allowing for easy access to medical, allied health and support services.

A Holistic Approach to Disability Accommodation

MediStays’ approach goes beyond just finding a place to stay. We focus on holistic support, ensuring our participant’s physical and social needs are met. For Vineesha, this meant having a temporary home that allowed her to continue her daily routines and maintain her independence while her permanent home was being modified.

The assistance provided by MediStays significantly alleviated the stress and challenges associated with Vineesha’s transition. Our expert knowledge of the NDIS system, coupled with their commitment to personalised care, ensured that Vineesha’s needs were prioritised every step of the way.


For individuals like Vineesha, living with a progressive condition such as Huntington’s disease necessitates significant adjustments and support. MediStays played a pivotal role in facilitating Vineesha’s move to NDIS funded Medium-Term Accommodation, ensuring her temporary living environment was safe, accessible, and conducive to her needs. Through their dedicated service, MediStays exemplifies how tailored support and expertise can make a profound difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities, enabling them to live with dignity and independence.

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