Providing MTA that can support a smooth transition to long-term SDA

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When NDIS-funded Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA) supports a smooth transition to long-term Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Who: Chris (54 years old, Acquired Brain Injury)  
Stay type: Rapid hospital discharge NDIS-funded MTA while awaiting SDA
Location: Inner-Eastern Melbourne

About Chris:

Chris was referred to us by his hospital discharge team following an initial presentation to the Emergency Department. Chris had experienced a left-sided facial droop, left arm and leg paralysis and was found to have suffered a brain injury as a result of a large haemorrhage.  

Prior to Chris’s hospital admission, he was living independently at home and fully engaged in the community. He was independent with all his activities of daily living and was working as a truck driver for a large logistics company. 

Tragically for Chris, his acquired brain injury is permanent. The injury significantly affected his cognition, physical capabilities and psychological wellbeing. 

Following 11 weeks in rehabilitation, Chris’s healthcare team came to MediStays for support finding a suitable NDIS funded Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) placement. Given the sudden and significant change to Chris’s situation, it was important to his son Liam that Chris experienced as little disruption to his ‘new normal’ as possible. With our deep insights into accommodation options, MediStays recommended that Chris’s new home would be located close to his family support network and could also support a transition to a permanent living arrangement, preferably within the same building.  

“Dad had already been through so much. With such a change in his ability to communicate and be independent, the thought of moving him so many times from hospital to rehab to MTA and then again to a permanent home just felt too much. If we could take away even one of those moves, then that would feel like at least one small win for Dad” 

–  Liam, Chris’s son 

NDIS Plan Goals for Chris:  

For Chris, despite adjusting to such a change in his circumstances, it was his aim to return to living as independently as possible in an environment that felt as much like his previous home with his son. He also wanted to maintain his ability to engage in his previous activities and hobbies, and to have a home environment that could accommodate the new equipment and therapies he would require to do this.  

MediStays and the experienced Care Navigator team who manage each referral understand how important it is to find accommodation that supports the physical and emotional needs of every individual. We invest heavily in the referral and matching process to ensure we offer the best accommodation to meet the individual’s physical requirements and also facilitate a person’s ability to achieve their plan goals.  

For this reason, our Lead Care Navigator Jayde identified a brand-new wheelchair accessible property in Camberwell. Within our model, MediStays supports participants of the NDIS funded by Medium Term Accommodation and who ideally would like to transition from MTA to their permanent housing within the same property. The environment at Camberwell provides large, private and accessible apartment style living. It is a beautiful environment supporting people supported by the latest assistive technology whilst also feeling very much like a homely setting. The location was also ideally located close to public transport in a leafy suburb which made it easy for Chris’s family to visit and get him settled.  

Having the ability to refer Chris to this property means he will only need to move and adapt to a new environment once is a wonderful outcome for Chris and his family. This particular location was also a new build, meaning that it meets all the latest accessibility codes and standards. For Chris, this means that his new equipment can be accommodated onsite and which was a huge relief for Chris and his family.”  

– Jayde, Lead Care Navigator, MediStays

Reflecting on working with MediStays

MediStays isn’t just an accommodation booking service. Instead, our highly skilled Care Navigator team provide a comprehensive, end-to-end referral and triage service that can support anyone on a health or disability-related journey. From simple to complex situations, our team work closely with referrers, participants and families to find a solution that meets each individual’s unique set of circumstances. 

“MediStays was highly recommended to me by a colleague and I am so glad I gave them a call. We knew how important it was to Chris and his family to minimise the stress and disruption to him while he adjusted to so much change in such a short space of time. Up until working with the MediStays team, I did not realise how important their service was. From the expert advice from Jayde regarding funding and full accessibility reviews, through to recommending properties like Camberwell that could support people to transition from their MTA to an SDA at the same place. The support they provided throughout the whole process meant we could focus on other important aspects of Chris’s discharge planning which was fantastic.” 

– Lucy, Occupational Therapist for Chris 

Our Carrum Downs property has availability for June arrivals

If you are a Support Coordinator, or a hospital-based Social Worker or Occupational Therapist who is looking for a similar MTA environment to support your patients to successfully transition from hospital, please don’t hesitate to contact our Care Navigators.  

Whether you’re looking for accommodation support for individuals or groups of participants, our team can work with you to make sure we find the best solution for you, that caters to any needs your participants may have.  

Make a MTA request today using our MTA Rapid Request form or call our Care Navigators on 1300 085 036.   

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