Meals and groceries

At MediStays, we are developing a range of resources to assist patients and carers who are travelling away from home. Here are some tips to support you to access nutritious and cost-effective meals and other essentials you may need during your stay.

Pack the basics

Many patients and carers tell us how tiring it is to travel for medical care. To avoid the need to do grocery shopping when you arrive, consider packing a small box of useful pantry items before leaving home. Items may include cooking basics (e.g. oil, herbs & spices) and dried items such as pasta, rice and cereal, healthy snacks, tea and coffee. Some patients also prepare frozen meals before leaving home. You can then supplement these basics with fresh produce and refrigerated items the following day. Depending on your personal circumstances you may also need to consider packing meal preparation appliances, such as a blender or food processor.

Meals at MediStays hospitals

Book accommodation with our Melbourne and Perth accommodation partners and order home-style meals 

If you’re staying with one of our MediStays accommodation partners in Perth or Melbourne, let MediStays arrange your home-style meal deliveries. Main meals are less than $10 and desserts are approximately $4. Meals are nutritiously prepared and delivered to your accommodation. Meals can also be picked up with our partners. Meal options include roast chicken and seasonal vegetables, lamb rissoles and vegetables, lasagne and chicken schnitzel. Please see listings at the bottom of this page.

Can your friends and family help to co-ordinate meals for you?


A practical and co-ordinated way for your family and friends to support you during this time. Your meal train can be organised by a family member or friend, and allows everyone to nominate a day(s) when they will prepare and deliver you a meal. The website enables you to include your meal preferences, dietary requirements and other useful information, such as preferred delivery times. If you’re travelling away from home, you may suggest that they prepare meals that can be frozen and transported with you.

Meals at MediStays hospitals



Images courtesy MediStays and Unsplash Damien Kuhn, Fancy Crave, Jonathan Pielmayer and Thomas Martinsen