Am I eligible for MediStays discounts?

Every Australian travelling for medical care is eligible to book accommodation through MediStays. We support patients, their families, loved ones and carers to access accommodation with discounted rates.


How to I get a discount code?

We partner with accommodation providers across Australia, including hotels, apartments and small privately-operated properties. These properties have provided us with a discount (promo) code to use directly on their websites. To get the discounted code, simply fill out our form and we give you the code.


How do I use the code?

Once you have filled in the enquiry form we link you directly to the accommodation provider’s own website. Simply enter the discount code directly on the website. On most websites the discount code is referred to as a ‘promo code’ or ‘promotional code”.


What discounts will I get with the MediStays promo code?

Our accommodation partners have provided you with discounts ranging between $5 to $100/night. The discount depends on their location, size and booking structure. Whatever the discount, we are grateful for their support to ease the financial burden of travelling for Australian patients and carers.


Should I fill out an enquiry form for the discount code?

Yes! If you are travelling for medical care or to visit a loved one in hospital, please fill out our form to access discounted accommodation rates. The discount code is displayed once you enter the form and you use this directly on the accommodation providers website. Filling out this form also enables the MediStays team to email you helpful information including links to claim accommodation subsidies, travel tips and meals. All information is treated as strictly confidential and is not shared with any third parties, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.


What if there is a cheaper accommodation rate than the MediStays discount code?

The MediStays code is entered directly onto the accommodation providers website. Occasionally, the accommodation provider also has their own special offer that may be less expensive than the MediStays rate. This is fine – please choose the best option for you!


What about meals?

If you are staying in Melbourne we can offer you a broad selection of home-style main meals ($10) and desserts ($4). These meals are delivered directly to your accommodation. Meals arrive frozen and require reheating in the supplied container (oven) or on a plate (microwave). There is a minimum order requirement of $60 per order including $5 delivery. For a complete menu please contact us at We hope to partner with meal providers in other areas in the near future.


I need assistance to book accommodation – can you help me?

Definitely – please click here to fill out an enquiry form and we will contact you directly with accommodation options to meet your needs.


My elderly Dad is travelling for treatment, can I book on his behalf?

Absolutely, once you find a suitable property please book directly with our code. Please use his information to ensure eligibility for PATS subsidies (on the accommodation tax invoice). Alternatively, please click here to fill out an enquiry form and we will arrange everything for you. We can also support him with homestyle meals if he is staying in Melbourne.


Do I pay for my accommodation on the MediStays website?

MediStays only refers patients and carers to accommodation near hospitals. We do not process any payments on our website. All bookings are made directly with the accommodation providers, according to their own terms and conditions.


I need to change my booking, who should I contact?

If you need to change your booking, please contact the accommodation provider directly.


Can I speak to someone?

Yes – please email us with your enquiry and we will call you back within 24 hours.


What are government accommodation subsidies?

Most Australians travelling long distances (>100km) for medical care are eligible to claim accommodation and travel subsidies. This is called the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS). PATS has a different name depending on which State or Territory you live in. PATS rebates start at around $45/night for accommodation, up to more than $170/night, depending on where you are travelling from. When you submit a MediStays discount form we will email you information and a link to PATS in your State or Territory.


I would like to list my hotel on MediStays Direct for patients – what next?

Wonderful, if you are passionate about supporting medical travellers we would love to hear from you! We require specific information including your room types and features and patient specific information such as accessibility. You will also need to provide a promo code on your website for our users (patients and their loved ones) to access discounted rates. Please complete this enquiry form and we will contact you with further information.


I work in a hospital – can I refer patients to MediStays?

Absolutely! We work closely with health care providers including social and welfare workers, nursing staff, GPs, practice managers and medical specialists at busy metropolitan hospitals and small country clinics. Our users use MediStays in two main ways. Some use MediStays to book on behalf of their patients. Others provide their patients with our website address to book directly. This is an efficient method of referring patients to a trusted website run by health care professionals. We can also send you flyers for your practice, simply request by email at


Who started MediStays?

Our co-founders, Sarah and Craig Everitt, created MediStays in 2016. Sarah and Craig are health care professionals employed at large Melbourne hospitals and are passionate about supporting all patients to access the best medical care available.

Dr Sarah Everitt (BAppSci Med Rad, PhD) has a degree in Radiation Therapy (RT) and a PhD in RT and molecular imaging in lung cancer. In addition to co-founding MediStays, Sarah is a Clinical Research Fellow at a major cancer hospital in Melbourne. Sarah is currently researching new methods of imaging and treating women diagnosed with high risk breast cancer and lung cancer. 

Craig Everitt (BAppSci Med Rad, GrDEd&Tr MHM) is a co-founder of MediStays and a manager at an Australia-wide provider of radiation therapy and cancer care. Craig also has a clinical background in Radiation Therapy and has extensive experience caring for people diagnosed with cancer in metropolitan and regional Australian hospitals. He supervised the startup phase of two new radiotherapy departments in regional NSW (North Coast Cancer Institute, Port Macquarie) & metropolitan Melbourne (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Sunshine Hospital). Craig also lectures at Monash University in the subject of health care regulation.


Why MediStays?

A serious health diagnosis is a life-changing event that has an enormous impact on patients & their loved ones. In addition to their physical & emotional distress, rural & regional Australians are faced with the prospect of travelling hundreds of kilometres away from their safe home environment to receive specialist medical care.

Coordinating accommodation, travel & meals away from home can be a significant burden for medical travellers. As health care professionals, we are passionate about supporting Australians to access the best medical care available. Supporting patients & their loved ones with the logistical aspects of their medical journey may enhance access & ultimately reduce the disparities in health outcomes & life expectancy for rural & regional Australians.


Where is MediStays based?

MediStays is an Australian social enterprise, supporting Australian patients, families and healthcare professionals. We are based in Melbourne and we partner with accommodation providers throughout Australia.