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MediStays Care Navigators support man with Down syndrome to book accommodation for NDIS STA stay in Australia

The MediStays Mission

MediStays is a nationwide service connecting Australians and their families with the best accommodation option to support a hospital visit or disability-related stay.

In order to provide the best possible care, we have a team dedicated purely to supporting guests and referrers through the accommodation booking process. This wonderful team is made up of our Care Navigators.

Our team are passionate about reducing barriers to care and creating a world where anyone with a medical condition, disability or other vulnerability feels safe in the knowledge that the right accommodation can be found quickly and easily. A world where everyone gets the same high-quality healthcare, regardless of their point of origin.

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Why work at MediStays?

Hybrid working model
Melbourne based roles with hybrid work options
Rewarding job role
Rewarding role empowering our guests' lives
Innovative workplace
Innovative service and approach to working
Two photos showing examples of wheelchair accessible accommodation available through MediStays healthcare stay booking platform

About our work

Our team book accommodation for a diverse range of guests on a health journey. They may be a patient on the way to hospital, a loved one paying a visit, or a person with a disability looking for accommodation as part of their NDIS plan. 

Our Care Navigators also assist health workers and professional referrers supporting their patients and participants. Whatever the unique situation, MediStays helps to find a safe, comfortable place to stay – when it matters most. 

Care Navigators assist by:

  • Recommending the best accommodation options for each individual guest
  • Providing verified accessibility reports
  • Navigating funding and payment options
  • Co-ordinating assistive equipment deliveries
  • Acting as the central communication point for multidisciplinary teams
  • Liaising with accommodation suppliers for alterations to dates during a stay
  • Arranging meals and ancillary services
  • Making sure friends and families have the support and care that they need too!
What is a Care Navigator?

About Our Care Navigators

Career Progression

Green silhouette icon symbol to represent and Entry Level MediStays Care Navigator supporting a guest to book their health accommodation
Care Navigator

This team provide essential support for a range accommodation referrals, quotations and bookings.

A green icon symbol to represent MediStays Care Navigator Career Progression as account manager for sprecialised properties and representing at events expos and conferences.
Specialist Care Navigator

Advanced knowledge & experience are applied by our Specialist CNs to successfully triage complex bookings.

Head of Care Navigation

Comprehensive experience and strategic leadership of the Care Navigation team.

Our Managing Director & Co-Founder

MediStays’ Managing Director & Co-Founder, Sarah Everitt, is a healthcare professional (BMedRad, PhD) specialising in radiation therapy and clinical research. She built MediStays from a background of working with people on a health and medical journey.

Sarah wholeheartedly believes that without the Care Navigators contribution to our services, MediStays wouldn't be able to provide the critical and quality service as it does.


Dr Sarah Everitt

MediStays Managing Director and Co-Founder

Read her founding story on the blog.

MediStays Unique Approach

MediStays provides seamless bookings and the best accommodations for our guests and referrers.

We hand-select our listed properties based on features ideal for our guests.

Designed with each guests unique situation in mind, search filters and layouts highlight the most appropriate features and facilities.

Hospital landing pages also highlight property partners nearby, to make the booking process even easier.

Within the MediStays team we have a wealth of qualified health professional, hotelier and tourism industry expertise, and lived experience.

Our dedicated Care Navigator team will match the best property and it’s features to each guest’s needs. They do this based on comprehensive knowledge specific to our community.

MediStays’ point of difference is the specialised requirements of our guests. This includes accommodation features needed to suit both patients and carers. So our content is unique to our community. For example, a property might feature their swimming pool on a leisure OTA, but feature a roll-in bathroom or proximity to hospital on the MediStays website.

We recommend the best places to stay for individualised needs. That may mean somewhere accessible, accommodation with cooking facilities, pet-friendly, car-parking or within walking distance to the hospital. We also ensure guests book using MediStays lowest rates and know about any extra financial assistance available.

MediStays is invested in the experience of our guests and referrers.

So we advocate on their behalf to our partners and suppliers, to ensure the best options are available for each and every guest.

Our Care Navigators play an important role in this. They are specifically trained to understand all of the needs a guest may have. They also have in-depth knowledge of MediStays special rates, as well as any government and healthcare funds or subsidies available.

How we onboard our Care Navigators

Our training and onboarding ensures every MediStays Care Navigator has deep insights into the accommodation needs of MediStays’ customers.
Healthcare Training

With extensive professional careers in hospitals and healthcare, our co-founders ensure that every MediStays Care Navigator receives extensive training, education and guidance in understanding Australia’s health and medical services. This includes the needs of rural patients, participants of the NDIS, all aspects of medical travel and the available funding frameworks.

Agile Tools & Processes

MediStays is an agile business, where we constantly focus on optimising operational workflows and efficiencies to support our community. We utilise innovative technology for both our booking platform and customer success processes, including a dedicated CRM tool. Our team is encouraged to contribute to the improvement and optimisation of all processes.

Upskilling & Events

MediStays invests in the upskilling and career development of our Care Navigator team. From time to time, staff will attend conferences and events to learn more about the sectors and community we serve. This is often a wonderful opportunity to meet guests and referrers in-person, and learn more about the thoughts and experiences from their journey.

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Our Values

We are caring

At MediStays, we give you peace of mind and ease the burden of finding somewhere to stay. We do our best to ensure people travelling for medical care feel comfortable and safe.

We are innovative

We combine our knowledge of healthcare with innovative technologies to support people access the best healthcare available. We are forward thinking and embrace innovative and efficient solutions to make a positive difference.

We are credible

As qualified healthcare professionals, our team understands the needs of medical travellers. We partner with trusted and reputable accommodation providers to support you when you need it most.

We are informative

We clearly communicate trusted and helpful information to support people travelling to hospitals and those being discharged from hospital. We are committed to building trusted partnerships to help people access the best accommodation and support services.

General Info About MediStays FAQs

MediStays is a nationwide service connecting Australians and their families with the best accommodation to support a hospital visit or disability-related stay. We make it easier for people on a health journey to focus on their tomorrow.

MediStays Care Navigators provide comprehensive support for Australian patients, carers and healthcare professionals. With an in-depth understanding of property features and access to MediStays lowest rates, our Care Navigators support people on a health journey to access trusted accommodation when they need it most.

The MediStays head office is based in Melbourne, Victoria. Our team live in metropolitan Melbourne, country Victoria and Queensland.

Yes, MediStays is 100% Australian owned and operated. You can read more about our story and supporters here.

Yes, MediStays works with a growing number of hospitals and departments who refer their patients, carers and families to MediStays. These include major hospitals, like the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, and government departments including the Better Health Channel (Vic Gov DHHS).

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Giving Back

MediStays is committed to the Pledge1% framework. This means we have pledged 1% of our profits to supporting charities and organisations that do amazing work for the communities MediStays also serves. In the future, we will build on this model and include 1% of staff time and other resources.
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